KIP's Boutique is a faith-based clothing store. Selling dope, unique and motivational apparel.

KIP's Boutique was birthed through the pandemic that started in March 2020. When the sudden need of face masks swept the earth as a way to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

After creating over 1000 masks over the past 7 months, it became evident to Erika, (Owner & Designer) to put her fashion design minor to use and start sharing to the world all her skills and designs.

Erika studied graphic & fashion design at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, PA over 10 years ago. She never knew exactly how her graphic and fashion skills would intertwine; but now, she clearly knows.

Erika is highly passionate in creating, designing and branding for individuals in the graphic world. It has been her absolute pleasure to help in assisting the slowing down of the coronavirus...one mask at a time and now to share her boutique.