Holiday Hoodie Mission

KIP Boutique partners with Homeless Centers around the city of Philadelphia to give FREE custom hoodies to the less fortunate. Who doesn't love wearing a warm, clean and cool-looking hoodie? We want everyone who's less fortunate to have the warmth and snug feel of a fresh, clean, custom hoodie - made just for them. And if that wasn't enough! We're delivering a message of LOVE. Each hoodie says, "I Am Loved." We want to spread the Love of Christ, and to encourage each less-fortunate individual who receives a hoodie.

As an invited Sponsor, we're asking for a donation of $100.

This will help:

  • Support up to (10) ten less fortunate.

  • Help provide EXTRA warmth during the winter seasons.

  • Share the message, "I Am Loved."

What you'll receive in return:​​

  • A shoutout on all KIP's social media platforms and website.

  • You'll also receive a Free"Thank You" T-Shirt.

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Thank you for Sponsoring! A Team Representative will contact you for follow up.

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Leave a one-time $25 donation

KIP Boutique is a faith-based online clothing store selling dope, unique and motivational apparel. Apart of our Mission's Drive - is the Give Back Community Program: for every piece of apparel we sell, we give back to our community for free. Your donation will help us fulfill our mission.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!